Beers on Tap

Light Side

lager Del sol with lime and sea salt

A seasonal offering of our unfiltered Mexican Style Lager carries a clean, light lime aroma, subtle sweetness, and deliciously crisp flavor.  This light-bodied lager has a dash of corn that provides a nice sweetness on the backend and we used minimal hops so there’s no harsh bitterness hidden away this thirst quencher.   4.5% ABV 14 IBUs


Strawberry rhubarb kolsch

Spring is here and so is the patio crusher of your dreams.  Slightly sweet from the strawberries, crispness from the Kolsch, and tart from the rhubarb.  This beer has everything you need for perfect patio sipping all day(and all night) long.  4.8% ABV 17 IBUs

chit chat wit

A classic Belgian witbier with orange peel and coriander.  Cloudy and nearly white in appearance.  This zippy, crushable springtime beer contains about half wheat and half malt in the grain bill.  The Belgian witbier yeast imparts a unique flavor profile that plays so well with the orange zest and coriander.  5.1% ABV

west side Popper

A very unique and flavorful pepper beer.  The jalapeno peppers are smoked with specialty woods for 2 hours giving this beer a spicy, smoky flavor, but without overpowering heat. Easy drinking, light in color.  2018 US Open Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner in the chili division.  6.1% ABV  12 IBUs


Hoppy side

Radical Haze hazy Pale ale

All Citra, all the time in this year’s Radical Haze.  Citra T-90 and Citra Cryo were added during the boil, whirlpool, and dry hop creating a pungent grapefruit and tropical fruit aroma and flavors.  Little bit of wheat and a little bit of oats make an all around for a smooth ride.  It’s pretty rad.  5.5% ABV 

altered states series #2:  Soma

Historically, Soma is often connected to rituals found throughout various world cultures.  In several mythologies, the gods allegedly gained their immortality by drinking something called “Soma”.  Huxley even had his own brand of Soma in a Brave New World and we have crafted our own here and now.  Wabasha’s version of Soma certainly won’t provide immortality, but it does contain two gods of modern hops:  Citra and Mosaic.  And not merely the mortal forms of lupulin matter, but the state-of-the-art forms Incognito and LupoMax. Distilled, extracted, and sprinkled pure hoppiness added at highly specified points in the process to create a bouquet of citral opulence that will enlighten and immortalize your taste buds.  6.3% ABV

meta punch ipa

A medium bodied American IPA fruited with mango.  Cascade and Centennial hops produce a nice hop hoppiness balanced with the crystal malts and just a kiss of mango. Beer Army Beer Wars 2018 Silver Medal and 2019 Bronze Medal Winner.    6.3% ABV  74 IBUs  


Transcendent ipa

A No Coast IPA brewed to be a highly drinkable midpoint of the fashionable Hazy IPA and a West Coast IPA.  Most recent batch we moved towards a darker, west coast grain bill that promotes a nice balance of maltiness along with the light notes of new school strawberry from the strata hops.  The finish has those classic west coast citrus notes that will keep you coming back for another drink.  The middle path.  6.5% ABV

be here now cold ipa

Crisp and hoppy in all the right ways.  Our cold IPA is made with a lager yeast fermented at warmer temperatures.  We hopped it with Citra, Mosaic, and Amarillo so there’s this fruity florality that makes for a quintessentially juicy, quaffable drink.  The crisp lager base provides the perfect platform for the hops to really sing their respective songs.  7.1% ABV

malty side

sir doryu

A beautiful rendition of the English Dark Mild style with a brown, mahogany color and a toffee-like, caramel, and light roasted coffee aroma.  The flavor here is a nutty, chocolate with some dark fruit undertones and a slightly sweet finish from the London Ale yeast.  A must try!  4% ABV 14 IBUs

Horror Frost

White Stout is a style that is meant to confuse and play with the palate. A light colored beer with a heavy mouthfeel like a stout, what!?! This delectable craft brew has a delicate roasted malt aroma, smooth creamy middle and finishes with the subtle taste of white chocolate.  5.8% ABV  39 IBUs



Parts Unknown:  water malone sour

This time we dosed our Parts Unknown Sour Base with a grip of Watermelon.  The resulting liquid is a scrumptiously sour endeavor reminiscent of warheads or super sour gummy worms.  Indeed, another destination reached on our journey into Parts Unknown.   4.5% ABV 

wabasha water

A variety of rotating cocktail forward flavors will be offered at the tap for you to decide how you like your water with a kick.  You can help us figure out a name for this creation as well as we taste the rainbow together.  4.8% ABV


You can now get get any of our delicious tap beers in a convenient 25 ounce can to-go!!