Beers on Tap

Light Side

Kolsch of the Wild

Newly re-branded to represent our amazing neighbors The Minnesota Wild and Minnesota’s great outdoors, but we kept that same old tasty goodness inside. This light refreshing Kolsch is crisp, bright and bubbly!  Perfect for sipping all day(and all night) long.  ABV 4.8% IBU 19

West Side Popper

A very unique and flavorful pepper beer.  The jalapeno peppers are smoked with specialty woods for 2 hours giving this beer a spicy, smoky flavor, but without overpowering heat. Easy drinking, light in color.  2018 US Open Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner in the chili division.  6.1% ABV, 16 IBUs

Son of Eric Cream Ale

Light, smooth, and crisp drinking.  We used around 10% corn in the mash to give this beer a nice creamy body and flavor along with just a dash of hops.  An everyday beer for sure.  6.1% ABV, 16 IBUs

Hoppy side

Blueberry Krush

We infused our pale ale with blueberry to create a fresh aroma and up-front tartness from the tannins followed by those familiar fresh floral hops.  Lastly, your tongue gets washed with a wave of crisp blueberries in the aftertaste.

Minnesota Pale Ale

Traditional American Pale Ale with a lovely aroma from the Centennial and Amarillo hops.  Floral, fresh, and slightly hoppy.  Reminiscent of a fine Minnesota spring day.  5.5% ABV, 40 IBUs

Transcendent IPA

This holy roller smells and tastes like a dank, ripe strawberry patch. Hopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Strata.  This is not a Hazy NEIPA, not a West Coast IPA. It’s Transcendent.  ABV 6.5% IBU 59

Mango Implosion IPA

A medium bodied American IPA fruited with mango.  Cascade and centennial hops produce a nice hop hoppiness balanced with the crystal malts and mango.  Beer Army Beer Wars 2018 Silver Medal and 2019 Bronze Medal Winner.  6.3% ABV, 74 IBUs                            

Dark side

The Bonnet Amber Ale

An amber ale that finishes clean.  Dark red in color, pleasant flavors of caramel and malts with a hint of cherries.  5.8% ABV, 22 IBUs  

Night Queen Barleywine

Caramel in color and rich with a toffee and cherry aroma.   Our first ever English-style Barleywine features a balanced flavor profile with both lively fruit notes, smooth malty body, and a hint of bourbon-like booziness as it warms.  This beer is a pallet changer and we hope you enjoy our foray into the heavier side.  ABV 8.6% IBU 50

Cathedral Vanilla Porter

Dark colored, smooth bodied porter.  A healthy dose of vanilla brings soft caramel and bourbon undertones to the finish.  A seasonal taproom favorite.  ABV 5.0% IBU 17

Red Velvet Cake Stout

Rich and creamy stout starts with a roasted coffee aroma and finishes with a velvety chocolate finish.  ABV 6.4% 40 IBU

Dead King Imperial stout

Dark as the night, this full-bodied imperial stout has a pleasant coffee aroma and rich, sweet malty flavor. There is a depth of character that comes from the copious amounts of select roasted malts used in the brew. Dead King is then sparingly hopped to leave a smooth, enduring chocolatey finish.  ABV 9.2% 48 IBU

Weekly Rotating Infusions on tap every Tuesday until they kick (no crowlers, sorry!). 

You can now get get any of our delicious tap beers in a convenient 25 ounce can to-go!!