Beers on Tap

Beers on Tap will be available to enjoy in our Beer Garden or to take in Growlers!!

House Beers


Red Bonnet

An amber ale that finishes like a lager.  Amber-red in color, flavors of caramel and malts with a hint of cherries.  5.8% ABV, 22 IBUs                               

Red Desert

A rich, medium body IPA. Caramel malts give it an amber color and nice malt backbone. Cascade & Simcoe hops offer orange peel and citrus with a slight hop bitterness.  7.2% ABV, 88 IBUs

West Side Popper

A very unique and flavorful pepper beer.  Jalapeno peppers smoked with spedcialty woods by brewer Brett for 2 hours give this beer jalapeno flavor and bit of smoke but without the heat. Easy drinkability, great with tacos.  US Open Beer Championship gold medal winner in the chili division.  6.1% ABV, 16 IBUs

Son of Eric Cream Ale

Cream ale, smooth and easy drinking! Lightly toasted malts with a hint of hops.  An everyday beer for sure.  6.1% ABV, 16 IBUs

Minnesota Pale Ale

Traditional American Pale Ale, easy drinking with a lovely aroma from the Centennial and Amarillo hops.  Just slightly bitter.  5.5% ABV, 40 IBUs

Implosion IPA with Mango

Medium bodied American IPA.  The slight hop bitterness nicely complements the rich, smooth, mango flavors.  6.3% ABV, 74 IBUs




Zeus Double IPA 

Brewed especially for our 5 years anniversary, this double IPA is comes in at 8% with flavor for days! Fruit forward with orange, grapefruit and tangerine notes in the nose. The Zeus finishes crisp and clean with undertones of earth and pine. ABV 8% IBU 71


Milk Stout 

This one of a kind Milk Stout may just end up being your new favorite Wabasha Beer! With aromas of brown sugar and hints of vanilla and coffee this limited release Milk Stout won’t be around long! ABV 6% IBU 30


Cathedral Porter

The Cathedral Porter is back!! This rich vanilla porter is dark, malty and robust! It starts with that amazing vanilla and finishes with subtle hints of dark chocolate and coffee. The perfect way to warm up this winter!  5.0% ABV, 17 IBUs

The Rev Triple

This light Belgian Triple comes in at 9% ! With hints of clove and banana, it has a complex flavor combination you have to try to believe. It finishes smooth and creamy. 9% ABV, 19 IBUs


Coming Soon***

Strawberry Rhubarb Kolsch  June 3rd!!!


In Bottles to take

Son of Eric Cream Ale $10

Red Bonnet Amber $10

Red Desert IPA $10

Pomegranate Brut $12

Blueberry Wit $15

Tap beers are also available in Growlers!










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