Beers on Tap

Light Side

Parts unknown Watermelon gose

Watermelon – Sour – Lively  4.5% ABV 

Strawberry rhubarb kölsch Fruited kölsch

Strawberry – Tart 4.8% ABV

Kölsch kölsch style ale

Crisp – Lemon – Biscuit 4.4% ABV

west side Popper smoked jalapeno cream ale

Smoky – Sweet – Tingly 6.1% ABV

Hoppy side

Serenity Now vista pale ale

Earthy – Fruity – Serene 5.2% ABV 

All brass cold ipa

Earthy – Piney – Juicy 6% ABV

Sasquatch Sanctuary west coast ipa

Melon – Caramel – Bitter 6% ABV

Meta punch mango ipa

Mango – Resinous – Bitter 6.3% ABV

BAsement Ghost west goast ipa

Citrus – Resinous – Piney 7.3% ABV

malty side

Sir Doryu pub ale

Coffee – Chocolate – Light 4% ABV


Dead king imperial stout

Chocolate – Coffee – Bold 10% ABV

Smooth operator strawberry rhubarb on the side pull tap

Tart – Refreshing – Smooth 4.8% ABV

wabasha water

A variety of rotating cocktail forward flavors will be offered at the tap for you to decide how you like your water with a kick.  You can help us figure out a name for this creation as well as we taste the rainbow together.  5% ABV

büzee SLüshee 

Rotating fruity slushees with fermented malt beverage.  4.5%

You can now get get any of our delicious tap beers in a convenient 25 ounce can to-go!!