Beers on Tap

Light Side

lager Del sol

A refreshing unfiltered Mexican Style Lager that carries clean, light lime aroma.  This light-bodied lager has a dash of corn that provides a nice sweetness and minimal hops so there’s very little bitterness throughout.  Your new favorite lawnmower beer. 4.5% ABV 14 IBU

Kolsch of the Wild

Newly re-branded to represent our amazing neighbors The Minnesota Wild and Minnesota’s great outdoors, but we kept that same old tasty goodness inside. This light refreshing Kolsch is crisp, bright and bubbly!  Perfect for sipping all day(and all night) long.  4.8% ABV 19 IBUs

Strawberry Rhubarb Kolsch

Spring is here and so is our seasonal twist on the Kolsch of the Wild.  This limited batch features an additional strawberry sweetness combined with the crisp, acidic bite of rhubarb.  Notoriously delicious on patios.  4.8% ABV 19 IBUs

West Side Popper

A very unique and flavorful pepper beer.  The jalapeno peppers are smoked with specialty woods for 2 hours giving this beer a spicy, smoky flavor, but without overpowering heat. Easy drinking, light in color.  2018 US Open Beer Championship Gold Medal Winner in the chili division.  6.1% ABV  12 IBUs

Pineapple Popper

Everything you love about West Side Popper with a dose of tropical sweetness added to the mix.   Sweet heat for the win.  Seasonally available for the grilling season, we highly recommend pairing Pineapple Popper with some of your summer favorite B’s: brats, briskets, and burgers.  6.1% ABV  12 IBUs

Hoppy side

Radical Haze hazy Pale ale

We could call this our first official hazy as it has been completely re-engineered for 2022.  New grains including 2-row, oats, wheat, and some under-modified pilsner set the color and stage for the haze.  We split up the Citra and Idaho 7 hops between the end of the mash, then dry hopped late in fermentation.  Lastly, we fermented with that Sundew strain to yank as many esters and fruity thiols out of the grain and hops as could.   It’s pretty rad.  5.5% ABV 53 IBUs

anniversary experimental ipa 

In honor of the original opening of the Wabasha taproom and brewery, we brewed a wacky IPA that smells and tastes like bubble gum.  This experimental batch features African Queen hops, Mosaic hop extract, and a new yeast called Sundew to emphasize the fruity hop characteristics.  6.4% ABV 63 IBUs

Transcendent IPA

This holy roller smells and tastes like a dank, ripe strawberry patch. Hopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Strata.  This is not a Hazy NEIPA, not a West Coast IPA. It’s Transcendent.      6.5% ABV 59 IBUs

Mango Implosion IPA

A medium bodied American IPA fruited with mango.  Cascade and centennial hops produce a nice hop hoppiness balanced with the crystal malts and mango.  Beer Army Beer Wars 2018 Silver Medal and 2019 Bronze Medal Winner.  6.3% ABV  74 IBUs 

Red Desert IPA

A rich bodied, well hopped IPA. Caramel malts give it an amber color and nice malt backbone. Cascade and magnum hops offer the orange peel and citrus flavors that shine through that robust malt character.  7.2% ABV, 88 IBUs                 

malty side

The Bonnet Amber Ale

An amber ale that finishes clean.  Dark red in color, pleasant flavors of caramel and malts with a hint of cherries.  5.8% ABV  22 IBUs

Cathedral hill porter

Dark colored, smooth bodied porter.  A healthy dose of vanilla brings soft caramel and bourbon undertones to the finish.  A seasonal taproom favorite.  5.0% ABV 17 IBUs

other side

Parts Unknown

The taste is a wallop of sour that covers the tongue like a super-sour neon gummi worm or warhead.  Love what we achieved here by going to Parts Unknown in the Wabasha beer spectrum and hope you enjoy the journey with us.  4.3% ABV 12 IBUs

wabasha water (really we need a better name)

Choose your own adventure with our seltzer.  A variety of flavors will be offered at the tap for you to decide how you like your water with a kick.  You can help us figure out a name for this creation as well as we taste the rainbow together.  6.8% ABV

Weekly Rotating Infusions on tap every Tuesday until they kick

You can now get get any of our delicious tap beers in a convenient 25 ounce can to-go!!