Wabasha Brewing Company

Welcome to Wabasha Brewing Company. Well, our website at least! Starting January 13th we will be open inside at 50% capacity, as well as outdoor seating on the Beer Garden around the cozy fires and of course for beer to take! Below are our indoor and outdoor drinking policies. Please make sure you check them out before coming down! Cheers!

Indoor Drinking Policies

If you have ever been to the amazing Wabasha Taproom, you know we are pretty darn small inside. That leads us to be in an interesting situation trying to abide by the CDC guidelines and keep everybody safe. We may have a couple different policies than other places you have been to try and accomplish this! We ask for your patience and understanding in abiding by the taproom policies we have set in place!

  1. Wear a Mask! When ever you are not seated we ask that you have your mask on. Masks, its the new normal! Plus you don’t have to brush your teeth!
  2. Social Distance. Hey we get it, we like to hug too! But right now you have to keep 6 feet from people you aren’t sitting with. We also ask you to give our staff distance as well! They’re important! Without them there is no beer!
  3. Indoor Parties are limited to 4 people! Like I said we are SMALL. We don’t have the space to add chairs to tables and keep that 6 feet social distance. Larger parties are welcome outside!
  4. Respect the space. We kindly ask you don’t move tables, chairs, other people without asking an employee. (They really did make us measure) There is a method to our madness. Everything is set up for maximum distance.
  5. Pick up after yourself. Please throw trash in bins, cups in the compost. Don’t make our staff touch your dirty dirty dirty things! Ever had to grab a used tissue off a table? We have. Not fun.
  6. Have fun, be kind! Most of all, just be kind to one another. We’re all in this together! Know what doesn’t help? Complaining about things we can’t change! Know what does? Shiney, happy people drinking beer and having a good socially distanced time!

Outdoor Drinking Policies

  1. Masks! While outside you are free to take off that mask and drink away! We still ask you to wear that mask if you are within 6 feet of other guests or staff. We also must insist you put that mask on to come inside and get more delicious beer!
  2. Social Distancing. Still the same 6 foot rule we all know and love. We’re practically pros at this point.
  3. Party Size. Outside you are welcome to hang with up to 6 people! (still don’t move those tables though) We have several picnic table next to a warm cozy fire to accommodate you!
  4. We still ask you don’t move tables, chairs ect. without asking staff. We had to measure outside too!
  5. We also still ask you pick up after yourself. Your trash is just as dirty outside as inside!
  6. Fires. Please for the love of everything let the staff tend to the fires. Fire is hot. Alcohol makes is feel less until the morning!
  7. You still have to be Nice to people outside! But that’s easy and we’re Minnesotans!

Taproom Hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 4pm-9pm
  • Wednesday 3pm- 9pm
  • Thursday 3pm – 9pm
  • Friday 3pm – 10pm
  • Saturday Noon – 10pm
  • Sunday Noon -8pm